College and Scotland

I had my college interview today, and it went really well! So hopefully I’ll soon be able to say that i am studying ‘Computer Animation for Game and Film' :D

In other news, I’m going to Scotland in the morning, so I’m gathering podcasts for the journey. And wont be here for roughly a week, so this is going to be a ‘fun’ ride…

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The Black Sea at Night
- Ivan Aivazovsky, 1879



Doctor Who Trailer 1974: New Doctor, New Monsters, Old Enemies! ~

This Doctor Who fan trailer by YouTube user Aquatics64 is a pastiche of old and new, putting a classic spin on a recent trailer as it might have looked like back in 1974 - or maybe 1975.

A new series and the debut of a new Doctor - I’ve heard they’re going in a darker direction this time.

Sound familiar?


(via loomborn)

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Per request by a few people, here is Mordin singing ‘Scientist Salarian.’  I’ll have ‘Krogan Queen’ up at a later date.  :)

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