London, 1952

so here’s a bit of a treat. This is a piece I did that has never been shown in any capacity ever. This is Unused art I made a few years ago to along with the Captain American Premium Format statue from Sideshow Collectibles from the first film.. It was inevitable never approved in time to be produced along with the statue, but I’ve finally received word I can share it, so at least there is that. 

Bill Murray, literally, on set of Fantastic Mr. Fox

Thor dual wielding Mjolnir
Thor: God of Thunder #11


Laughing at cishets tbh.

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"Or when I saw Batman in person for the first time, and I realized that it could be anyone under that mask. Even me.”


While at the Valkhof Festival in the Netherlands, Taylor, Griffin, and Tay met up with Kapel Sessies to record this acoustic version of “Just Beneath The Surface”.

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